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Monday, January 15 2018
Why CDs are Still Important ?

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), there were at least two hundred and eleven million CDs sold in the United States as from 2013 to 2016. You might wonder, two hundred million? Really? Well, Yes. And do you know why? Because fans love physical products. It’s a pretty simple answer. In most cases fans like to have a physical reminder.

Secondly, CDs provide a great emotional connection with fans. Having a physical way to reach your fans, i.e. a CD, allows you to have a more personal style and therefore it lets you interact with them. A CD allows fans to showcase their taste in music, as well as give them a feeling of ownership. For example, after a concert, when a fan comes to you for an autograph, which of the following is the best? An autograph on a paper or on your own CD? The fan will be most thankful for an autographed CD, of course. Even if the world is moving to digital content, physical content still give the highest level of connection with fans. As an independent musician producing music, CDs are still important to your fans as it is their way of interacting with you. Also, technology made it cheap and easy to produce your CDs.

It is a source of income for musicians, bands and labels

In addition to this, CDs are a way to create revenue. As stated earlier, America had two hundred million CDs sold. This gives a rough estimate of, let’s say, 55% of the total album sales that year. This proves that people still love compact discs and that it is still the most popular disc format. So for any artist or band out there that are considering marketing techniques, CD revenue should also be included in their plans. It is still a great way to create revenue for your music career.

Music sounds better on CD

sending music files for manufacturingMost homes have surround speakers used for music and movies generally. If the quality of a music file is bad, the music will not be enjoyable at all. Compact discs have a good recording bitrate as compared to some digital music. They offer high fidelity files which do not lose audio quality. For those people who would want to listen to high-quality music, this is way better as compared to some digital music.

There are still many other benefits of CDs, but the main point is that they haven’t gone extinct yet, nor are they scarce. Therefore, musicians and bands should still consider them as a way of music distribution. We all know that digital marketing has its own benefits and that the world is evolving technologically. But CDs are here to stay thanks to their unique format.

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Sunday, January 07 2018
Duplication versus Replication for CD and DVD: What's the Difference?

Understanding the differences is important in determining which process is best for your project. A duplicated CD/DVD is not only created using a different process than a replicated CD/DVD, but the actual final product is also different.

There are two ways to make a copy of a CD or DVD. Information can be burned on to a blank CD/DVD-R; this method is called duplication. Information can also added during the CD/DVD manufacturing process; this method is referred to as replication.

Understanding the differences is important in determining which process is best for your project. A duplicated CD/DVD is not only created using a different process than a replicated CD/DVD, but the actual final product is also different. After the duplication process is complete, the final product is a CD-R or a DVD-R. Replication stampers for CDs produce CD-ROMs. (ROM means Read Only Memory). The final product in the DVD replication process is a DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, or DVD-18.

The Processes

CD duplication is similar to burning a CD/DVD on your personal computer. A CD/DVD duplicator extracts data from the master disc and writes it to a blank disc. The difference between burning multiple CD/DVD-Rs at a duplication facility and burning one on your computer desktop is that the duplication facility burns hundreds at a time on towers that are linked together. Each tower contains several CD/DVD trays so that many copies can be created simultaneously. After all the data has been written unto the blank CD/DVD-R, the information is verified with the master, and the process is complete.

CD/DVD replicates, on the other hand, are created during the manufacturing process. In other words, media like a CD/DVD-R does not exist before the process starts. Before the replication process gets underway, the client master is painstakingly evaluated for data corruption. Then, a glass master containing relevant data from client supplied master is created. Replication begins when a flawless glass master is assured. The glass master is used to develop a stamper. The stamper, in turn, is loaded into an Injection Molding machine that creates CD/DVD replicates. The quality of CD replication hinges upon the quality of the glass master's data. Through each successive step, quality and accuracy is consistently monitored to insure each disc is an exact replica or clone of the original. A layer of micro-thin aluminum is applied to the polycarbonate disc. It is then lacquered for additional protection and printed before packaging.

The client supplied master for CD-R and DVD-R duplication is the same, a CD/DVD-R. CD-ROM replication also requires a CD-R master. While a DVD-R is acceptable for DVD replication, most facilities prefer to work from a client supplied DLT or Digital Linear Tape.

Advantages of CD/DVD Duplication

  1. The standard turn-time is 8-9 business days, even for runs up to 5,000 units.
  2. Digital full color printing is available with no prepress charges.

Disadvantages of CD/DVD Duplication

  1. The cost per unit for duplication is higher than replication.
  2. DVDs can have up to 2 layers of information on each side of the media. DVD-R duplicates can have 1 layer of information on the entire DVD.
  3. Most duplication facilities are small and are commonly limited to hand assembly of the media into packaging as a result of their low volume runs

Advantages of CD/DVD Replication

  1. The unit costs are lower than duplicated discs.
  2. Both offset printing and screen printing is available for replicated discs.
  3. Replicated DVDs can contain 1 layer (DVD-5) of information, 2 layers on one side (DVD-9), 1 layer on each side (DVD-10) or 2 layers on each side (DVD-18). Many replication facilities are not yet set up for DVD-18 replication.
  4. Most replication facilities, as a result of their high volume run capability, can auto assemble discs into jewel cases, paper/tyvek sleeves, amaray cases, or cardboard sleeves.

Disadvantages of CD/DVD Replication

  1. The standard turn-time is 10-12 business days, longer for runs exceeding 100,000 units. Standard duplication turn times are approx 8 business days.
  2. Most facilities have a minimum order requirement of 1,000 units.

Are There Noticeable Differences?

Both CD duplication and CD replication extract data from the original in the same way. In terms of manufacturing, however, this is where the similarities end. The finished product of either process performs in the same manner, although there will be difference to the eye depending upon the whether the discs are digitally, screened, or offset printed.

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Wednesday, January 03 2018
What is an ISRC Code - Where Can I Get One ?

What is an ISRC Code?

An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is an international means of identification of sound-recordings and music-video. THe ISRC code is unique to every record company/rights holder and can be used to identify royality payments.

In order to obtain an ISRC code we would suggest in Ireland to contact PPI tel: 01 2805977 or email

Once an ISRC code is obtained we will happily include the code onto your cd audio tracks

For more information or queries please don't hesitate to contact us on 094 90277 22 or email 

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Tuesday, January 02 2018
CD Duplication Radio Promo Offer

CD Duplication Ireland are leaders when it comes to producing cds in printed card wallets.

You can choose from either a gloss or matt finish for the wallet and we even can design your cd package free of charge.

This weeks offer is 150 CDs in Printed Card Wallets - Free Barcode - ISRC Code Inserted onto Audio - Free Design and Delivery for just €300

Call us on 094 90 27722 or email 

Other CD in Printed Card Wallets can be found here

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Tuesday, January 02 2018
CD Duplication Ireland are on Instagram ....

CD Duplication Ireland are on Instagram - follow our link here

Each and every week we feature our clients artwork and also our current offers 

Remember we are Irelands largest CD and DVD Duplication Company, producing and suppliers to the very best in the music industry

Call us today 094 90277 22 or email 

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Tuesday, January 02 2018
Preparing Your CD Album Artwork - Whats Required ?

You've just recorded, mixed and mastered your cd but if your wanting a finished product then there's also the album artwork to consider. At CD Duplication Ireland we get often we get asked what are the size requirements in relation to producing a digipak, or is it possible to forward the different bits and bobs and for CD Duplication Ireland to design. As we offer free graphic design that isnt a problem what so ever however we do require the following: 1) High Resolution Pictures 2) Text to be spell checked and also correct name and performers 3) The name of the font you require (that is if you a particular font in mind)

Once we have the above mentioned we generally ask the costumer as to what picture they would like to use for the front / back / inside cover etc. Once we receive the info we set to work and generally within 24 hours you will have your first proof.

Also if you are designing your own artwork then just ask for a template and we can forward same

One important consideration is that all artwork must be in CMYK Format and a min of 300 dpi (ask if your unsure of any of these terms) 

Remember we are here to help and we dont charge for design

If you have any additional queries please dont hesitate to contact us at  or call us on 0949027722

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