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Friday, July 27 2018
CD Text - How to add CD Text and Submit to Internet

One of the most common questions we get asked at CD Duplication Ireland is, how come the names of the tunes dont appear on my CD .... here lies the answer

It's important to do the following:

Upload Your CD Metadata to Gracenote

Gracenote is a free service that maintains and licenses an Internet database of album content and information.  It is through Gracenote that services like iTunes and Windows Media Player have your album info and share it with millions of users.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to upload your finished project using iTunes to the Gracenote database.

To upload, you will need a physical copy of your album (ideally a final pressing), iTunes, and a reliable Internet connection.

Place your CD into your computer’s disk drive.
When iTunes opens up, DO NOT import the CD into your library.  Simply click “No” in the dialog box.
Select your first track then right click and select “Get Info”.
Fill in all the information in the “Get Info” tab, then click “Next” and continue the process until all the tracks have information.  
Now, within iTunes, select the “Advanced” tab and click “Submit CD Track Names”.
Wait 2-3 days.  Gracenote has many servers around the world, and sometimes it can take a little while to make it to all of them. Then, place the CD back in your drive.  Now go to “Advanced” and select “Get CD Track Names”.  
The album information is now coming from the Gracenote servers.

The steps are similar if you are using earlier versions of iTunes.  For example, If you are using v1,  follow the guide below:
Gracenote may think that your album information has already been uploaded.  If this is the case, simply hit “Cancel” on the dialog box and continue with steps 1 and 2 from above.
Go to “Options” and select “Submit CD Track Names”.
A new “CD Info” box will pop up.  Fill that with the applicable information and then hit “OK”.
An “Accessing Gracenote” scroll bar then dialog box informing you that your information has been uploaded to Gracenote.
Wait 2-3 days.  Place the CD back in your drive and go to “Options” then select “Get CD Track Names”.
The album information is now coming from the Gracenote servers.

If there are any issues with your upload, please contact Gracenote support to diagnose your specific issue.

Below is a link that provides a similar step-by-step guide and answers to general FAQs that you may come across.

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Friday, July 20 2018
Six Reasons Why CDs are Better than Digital Files

1. CDs sound way better than a digital file (usually). So many people are obsessed with these super-compressed file formats, but sometimes music just needs to breathe. Don’t believe me? Find a quiet place, grab a pair of really good headphones and listen to a downloaded version of a song then listen to the CD version. I’m talking over the ear studio-style headphones here, not those in-ear buds. Any person who considers themselves an audiophile should be able to tell the difference immediately. Sure, not every release by every band is available on CD but if you have the option then a CD should be a no brainer.

2. Digital files have no resale value in the market place. Even when you “buy songs” on iTunes, you don’t own the files but are merely just paying to license them for personal use. CDs can still be sold to a third party, legally. If you are caught selling digital music files, even if they are ones that you ripped directly from a CD you purchased, you are subjecting yourself to legal action as a “copyright infringer” or “pirate”, at least that’s how it is here in good ole ‘Murica. You can’t sell a digital music collection on eBay, but you CAN sell your CD collection (if you wanted to). Granted, the average market price for used CDs has gone down a bit since the digital revolution, but they’re still worth more than MP3s.

3. It’s technically two-for-one when you get a CD. The reason for this is because you already get a digital copy of the album when you purchase it. Not only can you “rip” it to your computer as digital files, but a lot of music retailers such as Amazon and Bandcamp are now including a free digital version of the album when you purchase a CD.

4. There is a sense of satisfaction with a large CD collection. One thing I definitely miss having is a huge CD collection. Regretfully, it was sold off in chunks over the years for reasons I’d rather not get into. However, there was a sense of pride with my CD collection, a vast library of multi-genre audible escape forged by nobody but myself. I was proud to show it off to friends and acquaintances. You don’t really get that with a hard drive full of music. Saying “I have a collection of over 1000 CDs” means something….it’s an accomplishment. But saying “I have over 20,000 songs in my iTunes” is just lacking in the wow department. These days, you don’t even know who purchased their music and who pirated it. So, to applaud someone with a large digital music library just seems unnatural to me.

5. Liner notes, pictures, and lyrics….oh my! This is cool if you really like the band and want to know who wrote each song and see exclusive photos and artwork. Sometimes you get the lyrics too; which is great for fans of Metal bands whose vocal deliveries may not be that comprehensible, as awesome as those bands may be it’s nice to actually know what they’re saying. Sure, you can probably just look up the lyrics online and sometimes you get additional content with an album download that has all the stuff in the CD booklet, but it’s just not the same. It’s so much easier to read a CD booklet on the shitter than it is to try and poop with a computer on your lap. I guess a tablet on the toilet wouldn’t be too bad, but not everyone has those. There is always the phone, but you put that up to your ear and near your mouth….do you really want to be touching that while you’re pooping? I sure don’t.

6. You can hold it! On the surface this may not seem like a big deal, but for some reason there is a greater sense of satisfaction when you can hold a CD and its packaging in your hands after you buy it. At least for me, there isn’t really anything you can see for your money after downloading an album other than the tracks being listed in your media library. You can’t hold a bunch of digital coding in your hands. Well I guess you technically are doing that with an iPod, but one iPod isn’t as impressive as 500 CDs when it comes to having a “collection.

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Thursday, July 12 2018
CD Duplication Ireland Should I Replicate or Duplicate my CD ?

To Replicate or Duplicate? What is more cost effective:

When bringing a project to the final stages of completion, the decision to replicate or duplicate must be made and there are many factors that can affect that decision.

Some of the factors influencing that decision are:

1. Quantity of the project.

2. Number of project masters.

3. How often will project code change.

In General, with the recent downturn in replication prices, if a project is the same master and requires more than 1000 pieces, it is probably most cost effective to have the project replicated. The added advantage of replication is it also includes quality silk screening to each piece giving it a store bought appearance. However, each project is different and in some cases duplicating the project is the better solution.

If you have a project that requires less than 1000 pieces or has many different masters, then the most cost effective method is to have the project duplicated. With duplication, you can dupe as few of each master as needed. With the recent advances in blank media surfaces and media printers, it is now possible to print quality graphics onto the surface of the blank media. You can also have the blank media silk screen or digitally printed prior to duplication.

If you have a project that will require code changes after so many copies are released, then duplication is they way to go because you can control the exact quantity that you produce. With replication, typical runs are a minimum of a 1000 pieces.

Give our Dublin, Kildare office a call on 014433116 or our Galway, Mayo office on 0949027722 or fill our our form and let our experienced staff help you decide on which method is the best way for you to produce your project.

If its replication or duplication is the answer to successfully completing your project, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done.

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Wednesday, July 11 2018
FAQ on Preparing a CD Album for Duplication / Replication
What is the minimum order I can place ?
Depending on your package selection, the minimum order can be as low as 10. Please note however this varies on printed inlay and cardboard parts but please contact us for more details.
How do I pay for my order ?
We accept Credit Card, Bank Draft, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque & Paypal.
Do I send you the Master CD/ DVD ?
Master CD/DVD's should be sent to us via registered post - always create a backup disc and hold on to this. You may also send us Data files if you are creating a Data CD via email:

Graphics & Art Work FAQ ?
We will Design your On Body Print Free of Charge. If you have photos text requirements etc that you would like on your CD - we would recommend you sending the files etc to us via email jpeg format for photos. Please contact us if you have any special requirements. Once our designers have finished your design we will email you a proof for your approval.
How much music can I put on a disc ?
The discs we use have a maximum capacity of 700MB or about 80 minutes of music. Some of this space is used up with space between audio tracks on audio discs or indexing information on data discs. To add up the total time of your audio tracks, add the time of all the individual tacks together and then add 2 seconds at the beginning of the disc and 2 seconds between each track to your total. For data disks, a general rule of thumb is to allow about 10 to 15 MB of space for indexing. So the maximum total size for files on our data discs is about 685 MB. In the event that the source files you submit to us do not fit on a disc, we will contact you.

What Copyright issues are involved with CD DVD Duplication ?
Duplication Ireland only duplicate your cds/dvds when you own a license to reproduce the information on the cd/dvd disc. We do not and will not duplicate any material that is copyrighted or is not your work.

How do I contact CD DVD Duplication Ireland ?
From Ireland: Tel: 094 90 2 77 22 - 087 68 77 501 Text: 087 6877 501 email: International: Tel: (00353) 94 90 2 77 22 - (00353) 87 68 77 501 Text: 00 353 87 6877 501 email: Text us your details and we will telephone you back
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Monday, July 09 2018
Cardboard Case Album (Digipak) What is it ?

What exactly is a Cardboard Case Album (Digipak) ?

The cd cardboard case album or Digipak is a packaging made from 280gsm board. This CD / DVD package is presented in either a 4 panel / 6 panel or 8 panel tray which has a gatefold package.

The digipak is made out of paper or card binding with one or more plastic trays to hold the CD inside.

This type of packaging has become the new alternative to the old jewel case and has many advantage over the cd case.

The cardboard case can be finished in either a gloss or matte finish. Its durable and will not break

It is more eye catching to the audience

More packaging gives more room for the artist to promote themselves

More environmentally friendly for the environment with the package material as it uses less plastic

It does not break as easily as a jewel case

For further information on digipaks please click here

Also check out visuals and video on our dedicated youtube channel CD Duplication Ireland on Youtube

Please click here to see our videos on youtube

For further information contact our CD Duplication Office in Galway office 0949027722 

Posted by: Zoe AT 10:51 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, July 05 2018
Galway CD Duplication, Dublin CD Duplication, Limerick CD Duplication - CD Duplication Ireland on Youtube

CD Duplication Ireland launches new Youtube Channel.

July 2018 CD Duplication Ireland launches the youtube channel and this will provide our clients visuals on the various packages that are available.

We always endevour to provide the best possible quality with minimum cost so launching this video channel will aide our clients as to the best available packaging options

The Link to the channel can be found here

Our client base is nationwide and we are now entering Europe

For more info please call 0949027722 or email: 

Galway CD Duplication, Dublin CD Duplication, Limerick CD Duplication, Mayo CD Duplication

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