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Wednesday, July 11 2018
FAQ on Preparing a CD Album for Duplication / Replication
What is the minimum order I can place ?
Depending on your package selection, the minimum order can be as low as 10. Please note however this varies on printed inlay and cardboard parts but please contact us for more details.
How do I pay for my order ?
We accept Credit Card, Bank Draft, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque & Paypal.
Do I send you the Master CD/ DVD ?
Master CD/DVD's should be sent to us via registered post - always create a backup disc and hold on to this. You may also send us Data files if you are creating a Data CD via email:

Graphics & Art Work FAQ ?
We will Design your On Body Print Free of Charge. If you have photos text requirements etc that you would like on your CD - we would recommend you sending the files etc to us via email jpeg format for photos. Please contact us if you have any special requirements. Once our designers have finished your design we will email you a proof for your approval.
How much music can I put on a disc ?
The discs we use have a maximum capacity of 700MB or about 80 minutes of music. Some of this space is used up with space between audio tracks on audio discs or indexing information on data discs. To add up the total time of your audio tracks, add the time of all the individual tacks together and then add 2 seconds at the beginning of the disc and 2 seconds between each track to your total. For data disks, a general rule of thumb is to allow about 10 to 15 MB of space for indexing. So the maximum total size for files on our data discs is about 685 MB. In the event that the source files you submit to us do not fit on a disc, we will contact you.

What Copyright issues are involved with CD DVD Duplication ?
Duplication Ireland only duplicate your cds/dvds when you own a license to reproduce the information on the cd/dvd disc. We do not and will not duplicate any material that is copyrighted or is not your work.

How do I contact CD DVD Duplication Ireland ?
From Ireland: Tel: 094 90 2 77 22 - 087 68 77 501 Text: 087 6877 501 email: International: Tel: (00353) 94 90 2 77 22 - (00353) 87 68 77 501 Text: 00 353 87 6877 501 email: Text us your details and we will telephone you back
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