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Thursday, July 12 2018
CD Duplication Ireland Should I Replicate or Duplicate my CD ?

To Replicate or Duplicate? What is more cost effective:

When bringing a project to the final stages of completion, the decision to replicate or duplicate must be made and there are many factors that can affect that decision.

Some of the factors influencing that decision are:

1. Quantity of the project.

2. Number of project masters.

3. How often will project code change.

In General, with the recent downturn in replication prices, if a project is the same master and requires more than 1000 pieces, it is probably most cost effective to have the project replicated. The added advantage of replication is it also includes quality silk screening to each piece giving it a store bought appearance. However, each project is different and in some cases duplicating the project is the better solution.

If you have a project that requires less than 1000 pieces or has many different masters, then the most cost effective method is to have the project duplicated. With duplication, you can dupe as few of each master as needed. With the recent advances in blank media surfaces and media printers, it is now possible to print quality graphics onto the surface of the blank media. You can also have the blank media silk screen or digitally printed prior to duplication.

If you have a project that will require code changes after so many copies are released, then duplication is they way to go because you can control the exact quantity that you produce. With replication, typical runs are a minimum of a 1000 pieces.

Give our Dublin, Kildare office a call on 014433116 or our Galway, Mayo office on 0949027722 or fill our our form and let our experienced staff help you decide on which method is the best way for you to produce your project.

If its replication or duplication is the answer to successfully completing your project, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done.

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